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Ayatollah Bahjat's Lessons Provided Practical Insights into Morality and Knowledge

Wednesday, 08 June 2011 11:07
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Ayatollah Hadavi Tehrani, one of the students of late Ayatollah Bahjat pointed out that grand Ayatollah Bahjat was a continuous praiser of God. "His classes which were a reflection of his humbleness in teaching were always coupled with moral, cognitive, social and political reminders and they were considered to be practical education of morals and knowledge," he was quoted as saying.

Speaking in an interview with Mehr reporter, Ayatollah Dr. Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani, president of the Porch of Wisdom Cultural Institute and one of the students of Ayatollah Bahjat said, "One of the moral traits of Ayatollah Bahjat was that he was a continuous praiser of God."

"Ayatollah was engaged in constant zikr (remembrance) of God; nothing made him oblivious of remembering God. He even engaged in zikr of Allah while giving lectures, and this continuous habit of doing zikr of Allah was considered to be one of his brilliant characteristics," he added.

Ayatollah Hadavi Tehran went on saying that his teacher, Ayatollah Bahjat was very regular in his life. "He regularly offered his morning, noon and evening prayers with Jama'at. He offered his prayers in a special manner characteristic of him. In fact, there was a special spirituality in his prayers that made them a learning class for others," he said.

Speaking about the method of Ayatollah Bahjat's teaching, head of the Porch of Wisdom Cultural Institute said, "Ayatollah Bahjat used to respect other great scholars' views despite presenting his own innovative jurisprudential and scientific opinions. However, he used to give his own comments without stressing on them so as to show his humbleness in teaching."

Lecturer at the postgraduate level of jurisprudence and legal theories pointed out that Ayatollah Bahjat used to suffice to short and precise words avoiding redundancy and wordiness. "Perhaps, one who met him for the first time would think that he was a reserved type of person but a closer relationship with him would reveal that he was an affable and pleasant man. He would joke with people according to the circumstances and positions. He was warm and friendly," he noted.

He further said that Ayatollah Bahjat (may his soul rest in peace) used to propound political, social or moral and mystical points before or after his lectures. In fact, that was to answer the questions which had engaged the minds of the addressees. His classes were never empty. They incorporated moral, mystical, social and political points which were altogether considered to be an arena of practical learning of morality and knowledge.

Office of Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani


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